Monday, May 23, 2005

Nancy Ajram - Seher Oyouno (Yaay)

Hello, my name is Mind Taker. This is my introductory post to Umlauts - cheers to the lovely Edward O for inviting me to spread the gospel of europop!

Since the last summer, everytime I'd switch to the Persian Music Channel (PMC), I did it hoping I would stumble upon this gorgeous tune. And I would stumble upon it only too rarely. And only recently I've discovered who's the performer behind it and what's the tune called, so I'll celebrate by sharing this vital information with you all!

Nancy is the Lebanese Britney, kinda. She may not be as risque compared to our westerner standards, but she's had to fend off accusations that she's "a seductive singer who uses provocative moves to attract fans". She's banned from performing in Morocco since her last concert there resulted in "incidents of sexual harassment, theft, excessive alcohol consumption resulting in violence, in addition to a number of reported cases of people fainting". She's only 22, and already has four albums under her belt; with her wealth amounting up to 37 million dollars, she's the eighth richest Arab singer.

Now, Umlauts is a europop blog. Why am I bigging up Asian pop here? Well, it's because "Yaay" presents an utterly wonderful Arabic twist on the St Etienne/Kylie/Rachel continuum: sleek metropolitan pop, as joyous as it is melancholic. You can find an mp3 (not astonishingly high quality, but good enough) on this page.


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