Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And while we're on the subject of Russian pop...

I don't travel around the world much, but at least I have friends who do! And I am especially grateful when they come back with a, say, CD of top pop smashes from the lands they visited. So then - props to Kresimir for "Samie slivki radioefira 2", a compilation of Russian pop hits from last summer that I played to death, er, last summer. And - props to Nikola, who's recently given me Russian teen pop sensation Angina's eponymous '04 album.

In mainland Europe poptrance has died a slow death, and has seemingly been replaced by irritating Boogie Pimps/Royal Gigolos-aping crap. But fear not - because poptrance is alive and kicking in Russia! Angina's take is of the girly, giddy variety, full of fluffy Korgs and candy hooks. The only thing I'm missing is those huge oceanic breakdowns with snare-rolls and swelling arpeggiators that come with Trance Proper. (You might say that I'm being unfair 'coz Angina's tunes are too bubblegummy for such concerns, and you might say I'm plain lazy 'coz I'm not arsed enough to hunt down extended club mixes of her tunes, which probably do exist out there somewhere. But! I've been spoiled long time ago by Fragma's peerless "Toca" album (the only poptrance album you need to own, really) which managed to pack it all in - the tunes, the beats, the ballearic bliss, the raver build-ups, the endless melodrama - within radio-friendly edits.)

But it's just a minor grumble - Angina's best stuff is pretty and catchy enough on its own. Here are a few album tracks for your enjoyment, YSI-style:

Angina - Sinie glaza

Angina - Dlja tebja

(if anyone wants me to post more Russian pop on this blog, just leave a comment or two!)


At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess from your point of view, it's terribly funny, kitschy and original, but I live in Russia, and I think it's just plain ridiculous. And insulting too.


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