Monday, July 25, 2005

A bumper YSI bag of Croatian pop!

Svadbas - Treblebass

Since I associate Svadbas with moody post-trip-hop/post-rock/post-whatever dirge, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only they've put out a single that sounds like nothing else they did so far, but is also probably my favourite Croatian single of the year so far! "Treblebass" is a bit like Girls Aloud - less brash maybe, but just as playful and trigger happy in its pick'n'mix pop assault: a flamenco guitar here, slightly surf-y guitar there, and a Russian-flavoured singalong chorus. It is completely ace, and I urge everyone to hear it!

Colonia - Time

Colonia - Padaju domine

The mighty Colonia only gets better with time, and their new album "Najbolje od svega" is typically awesome: an almost non-stop tapestry of top tunes, masterfully produced and all over the place genre-wise. So I couldn't resist sharing a few gems with y'all. "Time" is their first song originally written in English (last year they did an English version of their monster hit "Za tvoje snene oci" - which in literal translation means "For Your Dreamy Eyes", but in the international-market version became "A Little Bit of Uh La La" so I, uh, didn't bother tracking it down); it's very Swedish sounding. Also, very very good! "Padaju domine" continues Colonia's tradition of schaffel tunes, and it's the finest piece of Colonia-schaffel so far: imperious, tightly muscular and deeply melancholic, high on windswept melodrama... simply, glorious.


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