Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Noizmakaz - Miski Muu Ei Loe

You will, I hope, forgive my indulgence. I talk about this song not because it's really great, even though I do like it, or because I think you, the reader, will like it, because I bet you won't.

No, I talk about it because I want Google to pick it up and bring some people who know about this song to recommend me some Estonian hip-hop! Yes, that's right, Estonian hip-hop. When our friends in Estland aren't producing amazing girl-bands, they're producing hip-hop that's a bit like Finnish hip-hop but even more playful. I loved Toe Tag's single Deja Vu from last year and want to hear more things in that vein.

This song, currently in the Estonian top 10, was my favourite thing in there by some distance. I like its cheap but charming sticks-banged-together percussion. I think the shouted chorus is a teensy bit clumsy, but the flow in the verses and the occasional stops is pretty endearing and, rather, it doesn't sound that far away from Caparezza in places (though not as mental and astonishing) despite being cut from a completely different linguistic branch.

It's infectious enough, though, and I'm utterly convinced that treasures lay within this genre. There was a blog started last year that was going to catalogue the breadth and depth of Estonian pop, but it stopped soon after it started. SOMEONE, please take up this crucial project. Please?

Noizmakaz - Miski Muu Ei Loe


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