Wednesday, June 15, 2005

OK, instead of boring top 10 Norwegian songs nobody liked, here's some Norwegian album track action:

Anneli Drecker - Desire
If you caught my Stycast (see below) you'd have heard one song from Anneli's album "Frolic", and the single You Don't Have To Change is terrific, but so's this. The sometime Bel Canto singer basically goes a bit mental like an electrosleaze goddess, but it's still ethereal and lovely, so you get a bit of both worlds.

Lene Marlin - Eyes Closed
Since I sent out chart ballots, the first single from the Second Greatest Norwegian called Lene Ever's album has debuted quite high, but I'm rather more fond of this album track. It's got guitars in it, and is not rubbish, but it also has a lot more oomph than the average Lene Marlin song, as she's got a good ear for a hook, but she tends to hide it underneath dull, but worthy pretty songs.


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