Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm sorry! I've been awfully crap not updating in two weeks. I choose to blame exhaustion, a sense of laziness due to having no necessary work, a bit of annoyance that a lot of what I had been sampling had been crap (SHAME ON YOU, POLAND. Ten ballads in one radio top 10 = UNACCEPTABLE), and the fact that I was going to send out the Russian Top 10 for appraisal but I couldn't find two of the songs. Also, I've been watching far too much tennis and doing other writing for various other things, some of it distinctly non-musical.

I have been massively excited about the Alexis Strum album sampler though. Considering she just let Rachel Stevens have Nothing Good About This Goodbye, you'd assume that she's packing some good stuff away for herself, and she is.

The single Bad Haircut, now I've heard it in full at a decent quality is a gem, but I think I am even more enamoured of the second track - Heart And Mind. It sounds to me like a smarter version of Girls Aloud's I Say A Prayer For You, except with this squelching, funky farting synth bass all over the shop that just sounds amazing. Oh and there's a stately, gorgeous ballad on the sampler as well that is also wonderful.

Also, just because I couldn't get all the Russian Top 10, doesn't mean you don't get to hear the best of it. This was my favourite song off it, Gde-to Leto by the amusingly-named Friske Zhanna. Or is it Zhanna Friske? I can't remember, honestly. A fine piece of unchallenging Europop. Just this once, eh?


At 7:35 AM, Blogger Diego said...

Well Edward, as you know I'm waaay more crap than you, I promise to post something, etc.

I'm at work right now but I look forward to download those songs. Alexis Strum I haven't heard yet, despite having heard a lot of people raving about her...

I have this fantasy about Russian pop being great, so I'm always afraid of actually checking it and being disappointed. But I'll download that Friske Zhanna to see...

At 8:30 AM, Blogger migueltt said...

Diego, you have no idea of what you've been missing. Her EP from a couple of years ago was superb, especially "Addicted" and "Nothing Good About This Goodbye", the last one being the song that solves every problem anyone might have with the usual coldness associated with electro and all that stuff, it's like a really sad song that sounds like it could easily have been made by mid-eighties Depeche Mode (their Black Celebration era)

Coccoon is also quite ace. Be warned: it's different from that EP, it's kinda leaning towards dido-natalie imbruglia style, but waaaay better than anything those girls ever released. It's a lot more relying on her charisma, but she has enough of it to pull this out.


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