Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I've been a bad blogger, yes. Kudos to Mind Taker for keeping things vaguely going around this "joint". I've been intermittently sick, busy and uninspired, but that should change! Russian top 10 being examined soon, I found the song I had been missing, so ballots are out and it shall be done.

Shall I post some MP3s? Yes, I think I shall.

One of my favoured delights from last year was Mirage (La Luna) by Paps'n'Skar, a maddeningly catchy little number that reminded me of a less manic Junior Senior. They have a newer song that is basically the exact same thing and absolutely no worse for it. I know a lot of people liked it too, so let's have round two. Oh, it's got some differences - it has a lovely tinkly piano bit in the middle that's all a bit incongruous and some quite charming plonky acoustic guitar, but the beat may as well be the same, the same keyboard settings are retained and if there's a purpose above making something to make me stupidly happy, it's not apparent. Fortunately, this is more than sufficient.

Paps'n'Skar - Vieni Con Me

I was reminded of how quite good M2M where by Abby recently, and you should probably remember too. What you may not know is that Marion Raven, the younger one (I think) has a single doing the business around the world at the moment. She's gone a bit Avril Lavigne on us, and it's not bad at all. It's Top 10 in Norway and apparently doing quite well in a few other places. There's some genuine feedback in it and her yowling and yelping is highly endearing, as far as this kind of mall-punk-pop goes. She can sing rather well, actually.

Marion Raven - Break You


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