Thursday, July 28, 2005

So, how would you like some Ukrainian rap?

It might be quite good you know, because Ni, ja ne tu kohav by Tartak and Svitiaz is not bad at all.

The video is apparently here, but I haven't looked at it yet - one must sign up for something or other. What I have considered is the MP3, which is here, and very good it is too. Being no expert on rap in general or any specific issues as far as flow goes when in the Ukrainian language, I come to this with no expectations and still leave on the fence as to whether the delivery is any good. Yet, the whole affair gets the benefit of the doubt, and a thumbs up, on two criteria:

Firstly, the chorus is rather singalong catchy if you can get your mouth around the syllables, which I can't. Secondly, the production is rapid-fire, guitars like machine guns and an absolutely sublime section at about 2:40 in wherein whoever is responsible has just decided to throw absolutely every effect they had been working on around the time of production in, a piano tinkle, a cheesy electric guitar, and oh, that chorus again.

Life changing? Hardly. Infectious? Well, if it were only intelligible, but it's hugely enjoyable. I like it quite a lot, in keeping with my current fixation towards Eastern Europe which for the moment seems completely justified.


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

Hey the link to the MP3 doesn't work, if you wouldn't mind e-mailing it to me I would really appreciate it.. Thanks!


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