Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to the Baltics...

Enamoured of these two tracks at the moment. Can't log into my regular webspace at the moment, but while I have more contributors than readers, YSI shall suffice.

I don't know anything about Neplagiat or St1m (yes, a 1, I'm sure), but I do know that Po Novoj! by Neplagiat featuring St1m is a quite enjoyable little bit of Latvian pop-rap. The interplay between the vocalists is cute, the melody is intensely hummable, the words are nonsense, I don't care. It reminds me of Pikku G, actually, so I initially thought it might be Estonian, but it does appear to be from Latvia.

Neplagiat - Po Novoj!

Actually from Estonia are B-Jeans, who on the strength of this song appear to be some kind of alternate-universe Baltic Ladytron, except poppier. There are vague textural similarities, anyway, at least if you're not talking about the new Ladytron album. There's definitely a bit more lightness in this, a fairly joyous (if somewhat sterile) and mostly meaningless (even in Estonian) chorus and the treated-so-they-sound-distant vocals give it an air of detached electro-cool. This stuff just doesn't travel, but it really ought to.

B-Jeans - Ei Saa


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